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Frequently Asked Questions

How and/or where do I pay rent?

Rent Payment Rules and Procedures are as follows:

•    All rents are “due on the 1st” and late after the 5th of each month.

(Due to fraud and insurance issues, Money Orders (except those issued by a bank or the USPS) will not be accepted for any payment.  We refuse payment by money order.  Please Use Bank Certified Funds: Certified Check; Cashier’s Check; etc. Personal checks are also welcome.

•    Residents of Houses (Townhomes, Condo’s) are required to pay on line.  Please see notes below.  Apartment residents may also pay on line, but also have the options listed below.

•    Pay your rent by coming to office at 4217 San Mateo Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM  87110.  We are located on San Mateo just south of the Montgomery intersection.  If you want a receipt, our office hours are listed on our contact page.  There is a “night drop” for any after hour payment.

•    You may mail your rent payment to:  Sky Management, 4217 San Mateo Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM  87110.  If you mail your rent payment, the rent payment MUST be received in our office on or before the 5th of the month to avoid a Late Fee.  Postmarks DO NOT serve as payment of rent or date of rent received. If you are mailing your rent payment through a 3rd party payer, the rent payment MUST be received in our office on or before the 5th of the month. Currently, Sky Management does not accept electronic fund transfers (auto deduction) nor do we accept Debit or Credit Cards, except through the pay rent tab.

Note: the pay rent tab is a convenience that we have contracted through a third party vendor.

Note: we need to have your e-mail in our system (the same one you will use with your pay lease account); also, it often takes a few days for your account to activate, so we recommend a different method if it’s the first and you are trying to pay this month’s rent.

What if my rent is not paid in full ?

We apply late fees on the 6th of each month.•    We post a “3 Day Notice of Non-Payment” on the 7th of the month . This notice is usually taped on your door with the blank side out.•    On  the 15th of the month, we complete a court filing.•    We  attend court as scheduled.

Late Fee Policy

•    Rent not paid in full on or before the 5th of the month is late.•    We must receive your rent in our office on or before the 5th to avoid charging a late fee.•    The late fee is ten percent (10%) of your total monthly rent.•    We apply payments to previous rent and fees before applying payments to current rent.•    This is spelled out in the lease.

Who pays for Utilities?

•    For an apartment, the tenant usually pays their own gas and electric bills.  The water, sewer and trash costs are included in the rent.•    We have some “ALL utilities paid” properties.  At these properties, the water, sewer, trash, gas and electric charges are included in the rent.•    For Single Family Homes, the tenant will pay ALL utilities. Water, Gas, Sewer & Electric

Apartment Applicants:

When you submit your application, we collect a $30.00 (non-refundable) application fee per adult and the first $100.00 of the security deposit. If your application is denied, we will refund only the first $100.00 of the security deposit. Application fees are non-refundable. If your application is approved, the remainder of the security deposit must be paid within 24 hours of approval.

Single Family Home Applicants:

When you submit your application, we collect a $30.00 application fee per adult and the first half of the security deposit. If your application is denied, we will refund only the first half of the security deposit. Application fees are non-refundable.•    Please NOTE:  If we approve your application and you accept but then later change your mind, we will charge you will a daily rate for the time the unit was off the market.  We will deduct this charge from your Security Deposit.

Length of the Standard Lease?

Our standard lease is 12 months.  Seasonally, variations in lease length are offered at Owner / Management discretion.

Security Deposit? Payable when?

Apartment Applicants must pay the first $100.00 of the security deposit when their application is submitted and Single Family Home Applicants must pay the first half of the security deposit when their application is submitted.  The balance of the Security Deposit must be paid within 24 hours of approval.  Any pro-rated rents must be paid in full on the date of the lease signing before the lease is signed and keys are issued.  No partial payments will be accepted.

Is the apartment re-keyed?

Yes.  At the lease signing the new tenants will be given specific instructions on how to contact our Locksmith and they will schedule a time for the Locksmith to re-key their new residence.  New tenants will also be responsible for contacting the United States Postal Service to have new mailbox lock installed and new keys issued.

Do you accept Section 8 applicants?

YES, many of our properties can and do accept Section 8 applicants.  Sky Management currently works with Housing Authorities of the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, the Town of Bernalillo, Sandoval County, and many non-profit and charitable organizations that will help people pay rent.

Can I have cable or satellite TV installed?

Most of our properties are cable-ready.  Cable/satellite TV is usually allowed, but with stipulations:  A signed “Cable Permission Letter” must be received before cable/satellite  are installed; At no time can the satellite dish be attached to the building; And, no holes may be drilled in roofs.  Call or visit the office for more details and the permission letter.

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What is your Pet Policy?

Many of our properties do allow pets, but with limitations. The “Pets” column of the Vacancy List (found on the Documents page) tells which vacant properties accept what pets. Some properties only allow a cat (or no more than two) and some properties allow both cats and dogs. But dogs, (because of insurance liability) are limited in size and breed type. Please check with our office prior to submitting your application. Upon approval, we collect a one-time $200.00, non-refundable, pet fee for each authorized animal.

What if I move in, but then get a pet?

Please get approval first – it’s better than violating the terms of your lease. If your residence allows pets, you receive approval (new or amended lease,) and you pay the pet fee, everything should be fine.

For what maintenance am I responsible?

Our residents are responsible for replacing smoke detector batteries, light bulbs, broken glass, and making or paying for repairs caused due to negligence. Also, residents are to leave the property “rent ready” and pay for professional carpet cleaning upon move-out.  Reasonable wear and tear during your residence is understood and expected.   We ask our residents to use the electrical, plumbing, sanitation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliances and other facilities in a safe and reasonable manner.

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Where do I submit a Maintenance Request?

You may submit a maintenance request by calling the Maintenance Line at 505-332-2149.  Please note that all other methods of attempting to request maintenance will be referred to the Maintenance Line.  If you need a status update, please leave that request on the maintenance line with your contact information.

What if it's an emergency?

•    First – let’s be sure you don’t mean an emergency that is better served by calling 911.  If there’s a health emergency, fire, assault, or anything else that needs EMS, Fire, Police or other first responders – PLEASE CALL 911.  You can inform us — after the first responders do their important work.•    Second – a property maintenance emergency is something that affects a tenant’s immediate security, like an entry light going out, a broken window, or an entry door that won’t lock.  Another type of property maintenance emergency is something that will quickly damage the property, like a leaking roof or a burst pipe.•    When you call the maintenance line, you will be instructed in how to communicate a property maintenance emergency quickly.

Can I have Roommates?

YES, but they must go through the application process and be approved. If you have a roommate who has not been approved, you must immediately have that roommate vacate. If the roommate does not vacate, you risk being issued a “30 Day Notice to Vacate”.

Do you allow sub-leasing?

No. It violates the lease. Our lease does NOT allow sub-leasing in any form.

Vacating my residence

When do I file a Notice to Vacate?

The lease describes this process.• To submit a proper Notice to Vacate, you must deliver a written and signed Notice to Vacate to our office. We must receive this notice on or before the last day of the month prior to the month in which you desire to vacate. For example: To vacate on June 30th, you must submit your written and signed Notice to Vacate on or before May 31st. In the case of a 31 day month, we will accept the notice on the first.• If you do not submit your Notice to Vacate on time, you can apply it to the following month, but you will owe rent until the notice takes effect.• The Notice to Vacate form is on the Documents page.

What if I submitted a Notice to Vacate and I change my mind?

The lease describes this process.•    This is called “rescission of your Notice to Vacate.”•    We must receive it in writing and approve it ,prior to your scheduled move-out date.•    We are not required to approve your rescission.

What if I no longer want to live in this property?

•    You must fill out a “Notice to Vacate” form and deliver it to us on time. (see above).•     If you are not on a month-to-month lease, you are still responsible for the remainder of your lease and possibly other fees.•    If you don’t follow the proper procedures, you could be in default on your lease.•    The consequences for defaulting on your Lease are:  (1) Court Filing for any unpaid rents, late fees, unpaid utility billings, court fees and reasonable attorney’s fees; (2) Early Termination Fee equal to one month’s rent; (3) reimbursement for any damages or neglect to the residence and (4) the forfeiture of your Security Deposit.•    Legally, both parties are bound by the lease for the full term of the lease.    Our lease states, we charge an early termination fee equivalent to a months rent.  In addition to the termination fee, there may be unpaid rents, late fees, and other charges, depending on the property condition and payment status.

What is required before moving out?


General Thoughts• Leave it as clean as or cleaner than when you moved in.• Leave it undamaged (as when you moved in.)• Clean and Undamaged include the yard and exterior as well as the interior.• If furnished – leave furnishings in similar condition to move in.

Detailed Instructions:• Defrost and clean the refrigerator• Remove and clean bins and shelves• Clean doorjamb and gasket.• Clean the oven• Remove grease from door, doorjamb and interior• remove all traces of oven spray• Clean stove top surface and underneath• Clean up grease and spilled food, etc• Clean burner drip pans (do not cover with foil)• Remove grease from hood and wall back splash• Clean fan filter• Clean windows and sills• Vacuum curtain rods and blinds• Get rid of dust and cobwebs.• Mop or scrub Tile or vinyl floors• Clean inside cupboards and drawers• Wipe outside surfaces removing dirt, grease and water stains.• Wash walls• Remove dirt, marks from furniture, and fingerprints• Clean along baseboards• Wipe switches and switch-plates• Clean sinks, tubs, and faucets• Fiberglass shower pans may require extra effort• Remove soap scum and water deposits from shower doors• Light fixtures• Dust• Remove any dead bugs• Remove ashes from fireplace• Vacuum or sweep clean• Clean glass doors• Remove all items and sweep garage• Do not leave your trash cans full- put them out for pickup or dump them.• Maintain the yard (depending on the season)• Mow and water• Rake leaves raked• Cut back and remove dead flowers• Sweep patio and sidewalks• Return all keys, garage door openers, etc. You will be charged the per-day rent until we receive all keys, openers, etc.• Can I just call the office to let you know I’ve vacated and left the keys in the house?• No, you must return the keys to our office and will be charged a daily fee until you return them.• If you do NOT return your keys you will be charged an additional $35.00 for replacement.• Pay All rents, utilities, late fees, NSF fees and other expenses in full.• Have carpets professionally cleaned and turn in an invoice from a certified and licensed carpet cleaner. The invoice must list the business information.

Can I clean the carpets myself?

No. They must be professionally cleaned and we will charge you for professional carpet cleaning if you do not have the carpets professionally cleaned.

Do I need to be there for the Move-Out Inspection?

NO. Shortly after your scheduled move out date we will inspect, take pictures and complete a Security Deposit Disposition on your residence. We will forward the Security Deposit Disposition to your last known address 30 days from your scheduled move-out date.

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